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Earth Services provides a complete line of lawn care and groundskeeping services for our Seattle area customers. This includes everything from seeding or sodding a new lawn to thatching, fertilizing and trimming.

lawn mowing serviceWe're licensed, bonded and insured. Our landscapers are knowledgeable, professionally trained and certified. Just as important, we have all the machinary necessary to do the job right. Our fleet of equipment includes: a Skid Steer, 2 flatbed trucks, a John Deer tractor, a brush hog, a brush cutter, chain saws, a thatcher, a compactor, a dump trailer, 2 excavators, a dump truck, a rototiller and a box grader.

Full Service Lawn Care

Currently, we're offering new customers a full service lawn care package starting at $50. We'll mow, trim and edge your lawn then make sure everything is spic and span with our leaf and debris blowers. Take advantage of this great offer to set up a schedule. Professional groundskeeping not only keeps your lawn healthy, it enhances the value of your home. Call 206-274-7400 for your free estimate.



New Sod for North End Home

Fall and Spring are excellent times to sod your lawn; the climate here in the Pacific Northwest is cool and moist, but there's still enough sun to promote a little bit of growth. The owner of this north end yard wanted us to demolish his gravel parking strip and threadbare lawn, then replace it with sod. The lot was about 1200 square feet, so it only took us a couple of days to complete the job.

After stripping the old ground cover, we found several inches of compacted soil and gravel. To encourage proper drainage and root growth we broke up the gravel and tilled the dirt with special equipment. We topped that layer with four to ten inches of a special soil mix. It's important to get the right blend of sand, compost and loam because the sod won't take root if the mix is off.

  • preparing lawn for sod
    Removing Old Lawn & Gravel
  • preparing lawn for sod
    Tilling Gravel For Enhanced Drainage
  • preparing lawn for sod
    Gravel & Dirt Mix
  • preparing lawn for sod
    Washington Grown Sod
  • preparing lawn for sod
    Weed Free Sod
  • preparing lawn for sod
    Special Seed Blend

Before laying down the sod, we compacted and leveled the ground. For proper drainage, we gently sloped the grade. You'd never notice the slope, but it makes a big different, especially when there's heavy rain.

Cutting and planting the sod was easy part.

We encourage customers to choose weed-free Washington grown sod with a hybrid seed blend. We also recommend a quarterly maintence program for at least the first year to make sure the sod fuses with the soil underneath and the grass stays healthy.

Lawn Care

lawn care

Earth Services provides the finest residential and commercial lawn care. In addition to mowing and edging your lawn, our staff will professionally thatch, fertilize, mulch and aerate your lawn. We install sod and plant grass seed. We also provide organic moss and weed control. We keep your yard clean, rake leaves and remove storm debris.

Sprinkler Systems

sprinkler systems

Earth Services designs and installs state-of-the-art sprinkler and drip irrigation systems to keep your lawn and garden properly hydrated. Preventative maintence is important to conserve water resources and insure that the correct amount of water is delivered when and where it's needed. To that end, we maintain, repair and winterize sprinkler systems.

Ornamental Pruning

ornamental pruning

Earth Services specialists trim and prune bushes, shrubbery and small trees to keep your property looking its best. We edge your garden beds, stoneworks and driveway. Our technicians plant flowers, small trees, hedges and ornamentals. We also winterize gardens and remove unwanted brush and foliage throughout the year.